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Rosendo Fraga

Highlights of the World Outlook

Oct-10-07 - por Rosendo Fraga

"In the US, the positive employment data pushed markets up within a context where uncertainty continues over the mortgage crisis and oil falls below 80 dollars again"
  1. In the US, positive employment data improves market performance, the foreign policy is centred in the Middle East and the debate grows over illegal immigration.
  2. In Europe, British Premier Gordon Brown dismisses the idea of holding earlier elections; Germany and France harden their posture towards Iran, and the Pentagon Chief, Robert Gates, visits Ukraine, backing up the pro-Western government.
  3. In Asia, China puts limits on foreign capital in the Stock Exchange, Japan breaks the record of reserves, the two Koreas start a historic peace process, and in Pakistan the president was re-elected.
  4. In the Middle East, violence won’t yield in Iraq; the Iranian president proposes to move Israel to the north of the Americas and Israel might grant neighbourhoods of Jerusalem to Palestinians.
  5. In Africa, former US President Jummy Carter pays a visit to Sudan, seeking to solve the Darfur crisis.
  6. In Latin America, the US secretaries of Defence, Robert Gates, and Trade, Carlos Gutierrez, visit the region.

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